Get Ready for unTIES:

Western University’s 1st

eLearning unConference!


What’s an unconference?


An unconference is an innovative & loosely structured event that emphasizes spontaneous discussion & informal exchange among participants. YOU decide the session topics based on your interests in research & teaching with educational technologies.

The unconference theme is Communities & Collaborations. Registration is open to faculty, staff, librarians, archivists, & grad students.


Date: Thursday, May 14th (the day after the TSC’s Spring Perspectives conference)
Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm
Location: UCC 56
Bring: A mug & a mobile device

Coffee and bio break will be available to participants.

This event is generously supported and sponsored by the Western Network of Digital Education and Education (WNDER), the Faculty of Education, the Teaching Support Centre, and Western's Registrar's Office.

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If you wish to participate in the organization of unTIES, please email either Sarah McLean ( or Elan Paulson (

Visit the Western Network for Digital Education & Research (WNDER) website: